Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to style: Leather

Hey guys! Leather is one of my favorite materials to wear during the fall and winter season. The polished black leather gives a chic effect to the entire outfit. It's hard to go wrong with leather bottoms because they pretty much look good with any top, but I came up with couple of styling ideas for inspiration. 

First, I paired my leather skater skirt (Topshop) with a simple gray top (earth music&ecology) I got from Japan a few years ago. My chelsea boots are also from Topshop and I grabbed my black coat that is from A.L.C in case it gets colder. The gold temporary tattoos on my hand and arm are from Mr. Kate. I know I'm a little behind with the tattoo season, but I think they still look cool with the contrast to the black leather. 

Liv is wearing a pair of black leather pants from Pacsun that have cool contrasting material front and back. They have zipper detailing in the front. She threw on a white lace top from Forever 21 and a black cardigan from Forever 21. She wore a scarf from Gap and a pair of creepers from T.U.K.
I really like how the white lace looks with the black leather. A little femme, a little tough, complete perfection.

Here I changed my top into a pink cropped sweater from Topshop. Pretty much all my items are from Topshop in this outfit. I love pairing cropped sweaters with high-waisted skater skirts . I recommend adding a pop of color like this if you want to add some brightness to your outfit. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Transition to Winter - Cozy Sweater and Dark Shades

Hey guys! The weather has been really cold this week where I live, so I tried taking pictures indoors for the first time. I actually like how the pictures turned out and I think I might be doing rest of my photoshoots here during the upcoming winter season. To celebrate the transition to winter (not- i hate cold weather), I decided to go for darker colors and cozy sweater. I recently went shopping and added some cool pieces to my wardrobe, including fake ripped jeggings and heeled chelsea boots I'm wearing. 

My fuzzy cardigan is from H&M. It's so cozy and furry I would practically live in them. Inside the cardigan, I'm wearing a basic gray v-neck top I got from Korea couple years ago. My new jeans are from AG. They are the softest and most comfortable pants I've ever worn. Also, the rips are actually not real, they are printed. I love them because they actually keep me warm unlike the actual ripped jeans. My heeled chelsea boots are from Topshop. I've wanted a pair of chelsea boots for awhile because I've been seeing them everywhere and they looked very chic, and I finally got around to buy a pair myself. The pointy tip and the heels make them special, in my opinion. 

For my makeup, I'm wearing gold and brown eyeshadows from Too Faced Chocolate eyeshadow palette and Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. 


Liv is wearing a pleather jacket from H&M and a little black dress from American Eagle. Her tights are from Target and her sneaker heels are from Ash. She added a necklace from Tiffany& co. 

Thanks for Reading! Please comment down below if you have any feedback 

-E :)