Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hey guys! My name is Erica Oh and I'm 18 years old. I am very new to blogging, so I am not quite sure how this works, but I wanted to start blogging so I can share some photos and ideas I have somewhere other than Facebook. Last Saturday, the weather was very pretty outside, so my friend Liv and I went out and had a fun photo shoot together. We both go to a boarding school called Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, and the campus turns very beautiful in the fall time. Here are some photos we got!

This is our friend Adam.

All credits for photos of me go to Liv Wallace. Liv is very talented both in music and photography. If you would like to check out her soundcloud, here is a link!

I also took some photos for Liv.

For the outfit, I'm wearing a sweater from H&M, leggings from Nordstrom, and a pair of black patent Dr Martens. Liv is wearing a thrifted sweater with destroyed jeans from American Eagles and a pair of converse. Thanks for reading!

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